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Royal Ontario Museum Unveils Exciting New Visitor Technology

Those of you who have followed this blog for a while know that I absolutely LOVE interactive exhibits!!!  So it is great to hear of another museum taking technology and using it creatively for its visitors.

The Royal Ontario Museum has unveiled an interactive application that lets visitors take a look at some of its exhibits in a more intimate way including x-ray views of mummies and a close-up of a dinosaur's mouth...

"The ScopifyROM app was designed in partnership with Kensington Communications, which produces the documentary series “Museum Secrets” that airs on the History channel in Canada and in dozens of other countries.

Visitors use an app on an Apple mobile device (a Google Android version is on the way) to scan QR codes scattered throughout the museum. The app then takes users on a deeper dive into an artifact with text, video, audio and interactive graphics.

With a click, visitors can use their device to see X-rays of an Egyptian mummy’s coffin and load a decoder to translate the hieroglyphs on the outside. An X-ray scope also allows users to explore inside a cat mummy.

Another interactive element involves the museum’s life-sized cast of a futalognkosaurus, which stretches out about 33 metres long. The app’s periscope feature allows users to get right up into the dinosaur’s face, which is otherwise impossible."

"Robert Lang, president of Kensington, says the app development was partially based on trying out other interactive programs available at museums around the world — which were often underwhelming.

He pushed for simplicity, interactivity and focus. The ROM’s team and Lang agreed that visitors shouldn’t spend their entire trip just staring at their devices and the app should be used as a tool sparingly."

"They ultimately decided the app shouldn’t be too serious and stuffy, and they included five games that kids can play — in the museum and at home.

“It can be played anywhere, it doesn’t have to be in the museum, and it’s fantastic because it allows people to explore our objects further, to learn new things about them, play games and have a good time.”

The app is currently compatible with iPhones (version 4 and up), the iPod Touch (4th or 5th generation) and iPads (except for the original model)." - to view the whole article in Metro. click here


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