Turin Museum uses Sign Language to enhance visitor experience

Image - Ansamed
Here is news of an excellent new experiment to enhance visitor experience for the deaf,  which is being implemented in Turin museum:

'The Egyptian Museum in Turin will be the first worldwide to experiment GoggleGlass4Lis, a Google Glass application offering deaf visitors a personalized guide in sign language thanks to a platform automatically translating the guide with a virtual avatar screened on the surface of the innovative Goggle prototype.

The first trial starts from the Turin museum and its symbolic monument, the statue of Ramses II.

By tapping the touchpad on GoggleGlass, visitors will access information on the statue translated into sign language.

With a voice command it is also possible to suspend and start the translation, take a picture, record a video and share it with friends on social networks. This will enable deaf visitors to fully experience culture without mediators.

The experiment will be extended in the coming months to other museum statues. The museum is being renovated ahead of spring 2015 when it will open again with twice as more space and a new set-up.

Researchers are hoping the trial will provide them with information to approve the software in all its applications, from those used on smart phones and tablets to those for collective use in order to fully include the deaf in social life: a project is underway to translate in real time vocal announcements at railway stations which will be tested at Turin's Porta Nuova.' - see full article here at Ansamed


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