Visitors to choose between visiting original or replica tomb of Tut

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A replica of Tutankhamun's tomb is to be opened this month in an attempt to prevent further damage to the original.  Decades of visitors to the tomb have caused irreparable damage to the actual tomb and it is feared that in future it may become closed to the public.  It is hoped that many visitors will decide to visit the replica tomb to help preserve Tutankhamun's heritage. reports:

"A painstakingly accurate replica of King Tut's tomb is set to open in Egypt this month.

Its existence will present visitors with the moral dilemma of paying to see the original tomb or helping to preserve its future existence by visiting the facsimile version instead.
Changes in temperature and humidity, say experts, is causing the intricately painted plaster to crumble away from the walls. Visitors could soon be completely banned from entering them.
A Madrid-based company, Factum Arte, which has worked with museums all over the world to produce facsimiles of endangered art, used high-tech 3D scanners to create the replica of King Tut's tomb in a process that has taken several years to complete.

November will see the new version of the tomb of Tutankhamun installed just outside Howard Carter's house, around half a mile from where the original lays in Luxor's Valley of the Kings...

...One of the Factum Arte team, Briton Adam Lowe, is hopeful that the replica will become as popular as the orginal as visitors 'become part of the force that protects it [the original] rather than a force that is leading to its destruction.'

He told the BBC: 'They will have the thrill of visiting something they know is 3,000 years old and they have the guilt of knowing, as they look at it, that their presence is part of the reason why it won't be there in another 100 years' time.'"

What do you think?  Would you want to visit the original or a replica?

Full article can be viewed here: Replica tomb set to open in Egypt


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