Friday, 10 July 2015

2015-16 Lectures at the Egypt Centre

I am very excited to announce the 2015-16 list of speakers for the Egypt Centre, Swansea have been finalised and are listed below.

I hope that those that are in Wales around the time of these evenings will pop along, enjoy the talk and even come for a meal afterwards with us if you are able! 

Wednesday 16 September 2015

This month’s lecture will follow the Friends of the Egypt Centre AGM, which begins at 6pm and is held at the same venue as the lecture.  All Friends are welcome and are encouraged to attend. 

TitlePresenting Ancient Egypt - the creation of the Secret Egypt exhibition

Abstract: This talk will look at the interpretative techniques that were used to create a highly successful exhibition on ancient Egypt that has been seen by over 120,000 people around the UK. We will see how through the interpreted use of primary source material, Secret Egypt has attempted to dispel well established misconceptions about ancient Egypt to convey a more accurate but still remarkable and vivid picture of this ancient civilisation.

Chris Kirby
Director of Collections for Culture Coventry

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Title: Ancient Egyptian Demons: an interactive workshop

Abstract: Ancient Egyptian demons are conceptual imaginings of ancient minds, a projection and manifestation of fears of the unexplained. A short lecture will discuss some of the problems encountered when modern scholars study these ancient visualisations and textual descriptions of demons. Following this is an interactive workshop that brings the Demon Creation Station (Ancient Egyptian Demonology Project: 2K) to you, so expect to get creative!

Zuzanna Bennett
PhD candidate in Egyptology
The Ancient Egyptian Demonology Project: Second Millennium BCE
Swansea University

Wednesday 25 November 2015

Title: Going to the Dogs: New work at the catacombs of Anubis, North Saqqara

Abstract: This paper will look at a site that has been known since the 19th Century but which has received very little archaeological attention.  The results of the work offer a more complete picture of the development, abandonment and re-use of this important monument at Saqqara.

Professor Paul T. Nicholson
Department of Archaeology
School of History, Archaeology and Religion

16 December 2015

Title: Visualising the votive: revealing mummified animals using X-rays

How can we unravel the secrets of the dead? Materials science, engineering, microscopy, zooarcheaology, Egyptology, and herpetology (and a BBC documentary crew!) are combined to investigate a number of different animal mummies from the Egypt Centre collection. Using advanced X-ray imaging, we reveal internal structures at high resolution, including ‘harder’ skeletal structures, wrappings and mummification materials, and even dessicated soft tissues. These structures remain intact after thousands of years, and are made visible by X-ray microtomography. 

Dr Richard Johnston
Senior Lecturer | Materials Research Centre
College of Engineering | Swansea University

Christmas Get Together: After the lecture there will follow the Friends’ Christmas get together.  Don’t forget to pop this event into your diary!

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Title: Search for the Missing Tombs of Egypt

Abstract: Manetho and others gave us lists of kings. Archaeologists have provided us with their tombs, but not quite all of them - yet. What are the chances that the tombs of Imhotep, Alexander the Great, Cleopatra and others have yet to be found and where might they be?

Book Signing: After the lecture, there will be opportunities to buy a signed copy of Dr Naunton’s newly published book.

Dr Chris Naunton
Egypt Exploration Society

February 2016

Title: Decoding Egyptian Art

Abstract: To come

Professor Alan Lloyd

There will be the opportunity to purchase second-hand books relating to Egyptology and history this evening; all proceeds will go to the Friends of the Egypt Centre.

Wednesday 16 March 2016
Memorial Lecture

Title: The Mummy Trial

Abstract: Around 3000 years ago the Chantress of Amun, Iwesemhesetmut, passed over to the west, to dwell forever in the land of the gods.  Should we display her carefully mummified body, or ‘hide’ it in the museum stores? You, the jury, will decide.*

Presented by the Egypt Centre staff and volunteers with the Friends of the Egypt Centre.

This is a ticketed event.  Tickets for this exciting and innovative night will be limited so book early to avoid disappointment.  Tickets are free to current Friends.  Guests/non-members £5.  Wine and cheese will be served during the interval.

Please note: this event will be from 7 – 9 pm.

* This is a fictional scenario designed to raise awareness of issues surrounding display of human remains- unfortunately the body of the Chantress was destroyed many years ago.

Wednesday 13 April 2016

Title: In Bed with the Egyptians

Abstract: In this talk we will go behind the bedroom doors of the ancient Egyptians to investigate the most intimate moments of their lives. We will discover what they found attractive, general approaches to sex, pre, post and extra-marital. We will also discover what the consequences of sex were; both positive and negative.

Charlotte Booth
PhD Candidate
University of Birmingham

Book Signing: After the lecture, there will be opportunities to buy a signed copy of Charlotte’s newly published book.

Wednesday 18 May 2016

Title: Snakes Alive!

Abstract: EES Trustee Dr Linda Steynor explores the use of figurative language in the enjoyable but enigmatic Ancient Egyptian poem, The Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor. She highlights issues of accessibility and appreciation and illustrates the hidden complexities of the Sailor’s apparently simple ‘tall tale’, showing how his word-pictures offer a moral compass and provide a strategy for coping with the vicissitudes of life, as relevant now as for the Ancient Egyptian.

Dr Linda Steynor
Trustee of the Egypt Exploration Society.

Wednesday 15 June 2016

Talk: Egypt in England

Abstract: More than two hundred years of the cultural legacy of Ancient Egypt, expressed through Egyptian style architecture in England. Mock temples, pyramids, and obelisks. The What, Where, and Why of buildings ranging from mill to mausoleum and cinema to synagogue.

Book signing: There will be an opportunity to purchase a signed copy of Chris’ book after the talk.

Chris Elliott is the author of Egypt in England.  He is a member of the Society of Authors and the Egypt Exploration Society, does tours and walks around London and has appeared on the TV series ‘How London was Built’.

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