Golden Mummy Mask from MacGregor Collection Discovered in Liverpool

I am very excited about a new object from the MacGregor Collection that has been brought to my attention by Dr Ashley Cooke of the World Museum in Liverpool. It is a beautiful golden faced mummy mask with a painted vulture on the top of the head.

The mummy mask features in the sale catalogue of MacGregor's collection as part of 7 objects which made up Lot 629.  The lot description stated:

"Five painted wood Fragments from mummy-cases, all of late period, one with a long inscription relating to a priest of Osiris; also two gilded Cartonnage Heads from mummy-cases, one in very damaged condition, the other well preserved"

The mummy mask is likely to be the one mentioned as 'damaged', for it is currently in a poor state of repair.  Despite its condition however, it is still remarkable: the colours are still vivid and the artwork is well executed.

I am now in the process of searching through my masses of research paperwork to see if I can find any mention of its find site or purchase information.

Watch this space for future news!


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