Monday, 21 December 2015

Swansea's German Archaeologist honoured by lecture

On Friday 22 January 2016,  the Euro Visions of Wales exhibition at Swansea Museum welcomes Heini Gruffudd who will give a talk on his mother Kate Bosse-Griffiths - Swansea’s German archaeologist.

Kate Bosse Griffiths was born in Wittenberg, Germany, of German and Jewish ancestry. Having lost her position in a Berlin museum on account of this, she was forced to find refuge from Nazi persecution in Scotland, then England, and eventually in Wales. 

Kate became Honorary Curator in the Archaeology Department of the Royal Institute in Swansea in 1947. In 1971 she became Honorary Curator of the Wellcome Museum at the University of Swansea, which became the present day Egypt Centre.

During her time in Swansea she wrote short stories, novels and travel books in Welsh as well as scores of articles on local archaeology as well as on Egyptological matters.

Entry is free and the talk begins at 19.00

Hope to see you there!!!

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