Ancient Egypt Statue Sekhemka to leave the UK as export licence deadline passes

A proposed plan to share an ancient Egyptian statue of the scribe Sekhemka (BC 2400 - 2300) between Egypt and Britain has failed following the passing of a deadline of a UK export licence deferral.  The statue is now destined to reside abroad.
Image via The Art Newspaper
The Art Newspaper reports today that:

"Sekhemka was controversially sold off by Northampton Museum at Christie’s in July 2014 for £15.8m—a record price for an Egyptian antiquity at auction. The anonymous foreign buyer then applied for an export licence. UK authorities deferred the licence until July 2015 and unusually this was extended, with the deadline running out on 29 March.

In March, the Egyptian ambassador in London, Nasser Kamel, made a bold suggestion: “If funds could be raised in Egypt, one idea proposed by some stakeholders is for the Egyptian embassy in London to own and then loan the statue for six months at a time, to the British Museum in London and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.”"

For the full report, click here.


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