Blocks from Queen Hatshepsut's reign discovered on Elephantine Island in Aswan

Image via Ahram Online
Ahram Online reports today that stone blocks from the reign of Hatshepsut have been found on Elephantine Island during excavation work by a German-Egyptian mission.  They are from a barque's way station for the god Khnum:
"Head of the Ancient Egyptian Antiquities Department Mahmoud Afifi said the new discovery was important because it would give scholars some insight into the religious rituals practiced on the island during Hatshepsut's reign. It could also shed more light on the mysterious queen herself during the early period of her reign and her engagement in the Aswan region.
"This is one of very few buildings discovered from the early period of Queen Hatshepsut," Afifi told Ahram Online, adding that the only other one was discovered in Karnak."
Read the full article here.


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