The Voice of the Mummy - must have game for Egyptologists!

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A game about Egyptian mummies?  Why have I never come across this before!!!!!  Back in 1971, when sophisticated electronic games were a thing of the future, The Voice of the Mummy was a revolutionary toy.  It was also beautifully illustrated and every part of the game box was used to create the game scenario.

Voice of the Mummy is a three-dimensional board game for 2 - 4 players which was produced by Milton Bradley.  It uses an actual record player to instruct the players (known as "explorers") what to do. The game is set in a pharaoh's tomb which has a pathway on 3 levels which is scattered with jewels.  The players travel along the path directed by rolling the dice and by the "mummy's voice" which is activated by a lever.  The mummy can give helpful messages or harmful ones...there is no way of knowing which one you will get!

The aim is to collect jewels along the way, eventually arriving to a final destination where the mummy lies in a sarcophagus.  Incidentally, this is where the mini record player which produces the disembodied voice is located!  The first player to find the mummy receives the "great jewel".  Beware though, the release of the jewel brings forth an evil cobra spell represented as a headpiece.  The record is now turned over and the mummy's voice becomes unhappy at the intrusion of his tomb.  Once the jewel is taken by the first player, the aim is for all of the players to get out of the tomb with as many jewels as they can and get back to the temples. The mummy's instructions can turn the players' fortunes back and forth and it becomes a scrabble to the end. "You thoughtlessly drank from Pharaoh's poisoned well...You receive the spell" is one example of his wrath! Anyone caught with the cobra headpiece is being heavily penalised.  The game can become quite exciting as the first one to get the Great Jewel is not necessarily the one who will win the game! On average, the game lasts about 30 minutes.

This sounds an absolutely "must have" piece of entertainment for anyone fond of Egyptology! As a lover of board games, I need this in my life!!!!  Now...where can I get one from...when is that next car boot...?

The "Explorers" - image via Game of the Month
The temples - Game of the Month
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  1. Looks like a very educational and fun game! I had never seen this before, either.


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