Perfume by Ramses

In 1916, a new perfume company called Ramses was established by M. de Bertalot.  The luxury brand soon became a major exporter and opened offices in Paris and Istanbul.  The Egyptian theme was also featured on their shop which had five monumental figures of pharaohs in marble on the facade.  The building was destroyed in 1929 after the company closed.

Ramses' range of of perfumes were Egyptian inspired and included the following:

1917  Secret of the Sphinx
1918  Lotus Sacre
1919  Rose Antique
1920  Sidon
1920  Ioldys
1920  Ambre de Nubia
1920  Sphinx D'Or
1920  Ivresse d'Amour
1920  Chypre
1920  Origan
1920  Jasmin d'Egypte
1920  Hycsos
1920  Folie de Fleurs
1920  Folie d'Opium
1920  Douce Melodie

Below is the perfume bottle for Ambre de Nubie.  The bottle is in the shape of a lion canonic jar and was made by Baccarat glass.  The poster advert is from 1920, the year it was launched.

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest



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