I am available for society talks, courses and research hire.  Please see below for details.

Lectures and Talks
I have over 20 years experience of delivering talks and presentations to a variety of organisations and societies in both public and academic spheres.  Recent audiences have included the 'Where Waters Meet' conference at the Waterfront Museum, various lectures at Swansea University to both staff and undergraduates, University of the Third Age (U3A), the Friends of the Egypt Centre, the Department of Adult Education at Swansea University, Liverpool University, The Historical Association, Probes and various Women's Institutes.

A list of the talks I deliver are below.  All are illustrated using Powerpoint and can be tailored to fit the time required.

Fee charged: Negotiable
 Special equipment needed: Projector and Screen.
Size of Audience: any size audience 
Availability: Day & evening
To contact Beverley to arrange a talk:
​Tel:     01792 366834


'Calon Lan: the story of Daniel James'
This talk explores the life and work of the Welsh bard Daniel James (1848-1920) born in Treboeth in Swansea and writer of the lyrics 
to Wales second national anthem, Calon Lan.

'The Reverend William MacGregor'

In 1922, one of the finest private collections of Egyptian Antiquities was auctioned in London.  The sale attracted   numerous buyers who were well aware of the quality of the items being sold and were keen to acquire for themselves a share in these wonderful objects.  The man behind this magnificent collection has, however, remained one of Egyptology’s less known characters.  The Reverend William MacGregor (1842–1937) was a prominent member of the Egypt Exploration Society and also of the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Archaeology.  He was a benefactor of many excavations including those of Naville, Garstang and Petrie, and frequently assisted actively in the field. 

Through his involvement in this flourishing period of Egyptology, MacGregor was afforded rare opportunities to amass a fine and unique collection of antiquities and his museum became instrumental in promoting the field of Egyptology.  Whilst the collection is now scattered around the world, items such as the ivory label of King Den in the British Museum and ‘MacGregor Man’ in the Ashmolean Museum, still educate and fascinate us today with many pieces regarded as important examples of Egyptian art. 

The Egypt Centre in Swansea holds over 200 of the MacGregor Collection.  The talk will touch upon how MacGregor acquired his collection and examine his museum’s legacy in furthering the understanding of ancient Egypt.

This talk can be tailored to specific museums that hold MacGregor pieces.

Unwrapping the past: Egyptian mummies in nineteenth-century Britain  
The nineteenth century saw a rise of interest in ancient Egyptian culture, primarily as a result of increased accessibility to Egypt.  Travellers, eager to acquire a piece of Egypt’s history, enthusiastically purchased and brought back to Britain many artefacts as unique souvenirs of their travels to this mysterious land.  Mummies and mummy parts, more than any other objects available, represented the essence of ancient Egypt and its exoticism.  Many of these mummified remains were displayed in museums and private collections.  Others were put out on view in homes and were enthusiastically shown to visitors for admiration. Many mummies suffered the fate of unwrapping demonstrations, with tickets and invitations to these events being highly sought after.   Perhaps the most bizarre of all exhibits, however, were the mummy unwrapping parties that grew in popularity during the nineteenth century.  As after-dinner amusement, diners were invited to witness the removing of bandages of an ancient ‘guest’. This talk will discuss the rise of ‘Egyptomania’, particularly the fascination with mummy parts, during the nineteenth-century. It will examine how these mummies were displayed both in public and in private collections and will consider the public’s attitude to these exhibits.  Finally it will look at how mummies were subjected to the ultimate of scrutiny both in scientific lectures, but also for public and private entertainment.

I am available to deliver the following courses:

Read and Write Hieroglyphs in a Day
Duration: one day course

The Golden Age of Tutankhamum
4 x 2 hours per week or can be delivered as a one day course.

Ancient Egypt in the 19th Century
Duration can be tailored to requirement

Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt
10 week course

Egypt's Old Kingdom
10 week course

The Middle Kingdom
10 week course

Egypt's Golden Age (New Kingdom)
10 week course

Art of Ancient Egypt
10 week course

Death & Burial in Ancient Egypt 
10 week course

The above 10 week courses can be tailored to suit requirements.

IPad for Beginners
6 week course

Research Services
I am available for individual/corporate/media research work.  Please contact me to discuss how I can help.

House Detective
Would you like the history of your house explored?  Contact me to discuss your requirements.

Handwriting Transcription service also available. 

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