Garstang Celebrated in Blackburn and Burnley

The Egyptologist John Garstang is to feature in an exhibition celebrating his work.

Garstang (1876-1956), an Oxford graduate in mathematics, had learnt the fundamentals of Egyptology excavations under the supervision of WIlliam Flinders Petrie.  After conducting excavations in Britain on sites of Roman interest, Garstang's attention turned towards Egypt, Nubia and the Far East.  He worked at first independently, then within the auspices of Liverpool Institute of Archaeology (now the School of Archeology, Classics and Egyptology).

Garstang's work was made possible by the sponsorship of benefactors who each received a share of the finds through the system of partage.  Several of these sponsors had private collections of Egyptian antiquities which grew further as a result of being involved in excavations he conducted, such as those at Beni Hasan and Meroe.

Some of the artefacts from Garstang's excavations now reside at Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery and Towneley Hall Museum and Art Gallery in Burnley.  Through the work of Egyptologist Claire Ollet, Garstang's original photographs of this time have been used to link together the objects in these museums.  The exhibition also features photographs taken by Garstang of sites he excavated and the people he worked with.
The exhibition comes to Blackburn and Burnley and will run until March 16, starting at Towneley Hall in April.
Please click here for full details from the Lancashire Telegraph.


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