Hidden Between the Pages...

I have just bought another book.

Nothing unusual with this you may think and yes, if you know me, you will know this happens to me all the time...I am a book addict.  What was special about this find however, was hidden within the pages and was only discovered when I got it home.  Counting my luck on having found a new addition to my already bulging 'library', over a cup of tea with one eye on the rugby international, I found treasure.  Nestled between the pages of my Treasures of Tutankhamun (1972) was the London Evening News' report dated 11 April 1972 of the Tutankhamun Exhibition.  'At the Golden Court of Tutankhamun' heralds the headlines followed by a huge photograph of the boy king's mask.  On another page, 'Treasures Beyond Belief' spotlights ten of the top attractions to be found and where visitors could locate them.  A brief history of the king and the tomb's excavation accompanies the piece.  I was delighted...still am in fact.  It is a snapshot of social history when once again, Britain was overtook with Egyptomania.  I was never lucky enough to go to the 1970s event...too young I hasten to add...but the West's fascination with Ancient Egypt has enthralled me since starting this Egyptology journey of mine.

My hidden treasure is now sitting on my desk as I write this; I am going to find a frame for it to be displayed.  Thank you to the person who placed it there...it brought the catalogue to life... and also made my weekend!


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