Memorial to Collector Rev. William MacGregor

The Memorial Bust of MacGregor

Further to my previous post, I wanted to share with you news of an important project!  Tamworth Heritage Trust are in the process of raising funds for the purchase of a magnificent wooden bust of the Reverend William MacGregor which has been made by a local wood sculptor Andrew Mather.

£2000 is needed to buy the bust which the Trust then intends to donate to Tamworth as a lasting memorial to the town's benefactor.  There has been no fitting memorial for MacGregor despite his good deeds to both Tamworth and to Egyptology.  I wish the Trust every success!

On a further positive note, a wonderful painting of MacGregor has also been completed by Peter Reeds, a Rochester artist.  The painting was on display on Friday night alongside the bust at St. Editha's during my talk.

These two remarkable pieces of art are fitting tributes to an amazing man.

Me and Peter Reeds.


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