I wanted to share a really inspiring blog post...

I wanted to share a really inspiring blog post on the Royal Ontario Musuem's ROM blog.  It is written by Kiron Mukherjee, a ROMKIDS studio Assistant and is called 'Ancient Egypt Weekend! OR How a mummy, NOT a dinosaur, got me into teaching'. Kiron describes how volunteering at the ROM from the age of 14, inspired within him a passion to share information about the museum's objects through teaching.  Hearing about ancient Egypt through the stories of the artefacts made him realise that even a minute piece of information about an object could tell us so much about history.

Having worked as a volunteer at the Egypt Centre in Swansea, I have seen myself how inspired the child volunteers can be.  The depth of their understanding and willingness to share this knowledge with others is a joy to see and the visitors enjoy the interaction as much as the volunteers.  Encouraging a passion for history through hands-on participation and giving children a chance to feel empowered with the sharing of what they learn can lead to great things...Kiron is a great example of this!

For information about the Egypt Centre volunteering scheme, click here.


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