Minerva magazine May/June 2012

There are 3 great articles in the recent Minerva magazine that relate to Egyptology.

The first…’Still Digging  by Dr Alice Stevenson...discusses the 130-year old history of the Egypt Exploration Society.  It traces the Society from its inception in 1882 up to current research being undertaken.

The second…’The Last Days of the Pharoahs’ by Lindsay Fulcher… reports on the Paris exhibition The Twilight of the Pharoahs.  Over 100 objects are on display at the exhibit at the Jacquemart-André Museum from the period of the final millennia of pharoanic rule.  Fulcher explains that despite it being a time that is generally regarded as ‘strife, instability and decline’, it was indeed a period of ‘artistic renaissance’.  A theme running through the exhibition is the Pharaoh and the gods and some of the pieces that can be seen include a gold statue of Amun from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the ‘Gayer-Anderson Cat’ from the British Museum and a large statue of Osiris from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Finally, a third article…’A Chat with “Mr Mummy” …details an interview with the American Egyptologist Dr Bob Brier and Richard Marranca covering such subjects as his past and current research, his favourite pharaoh and how he got to be called “Mr Mummy”.


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