Obelisks in Oystermouth

I have been spending a few hours this sunny morning in Oystermouth Cemetery in Mumbles, Swansea  It has a lovely old section dating back to the mid-nineteenth century and many of the tombstones are a work of architectural delight.  It has a feeling of wonderful Victorian gothic and I have always found this to be a great place to think and be peaceful.  Today however I had a mission in mind.  I finally remembered to take my camera to capture some of the wonderful Egyptian-inspired obelisks that are there.  Like many cemeteries of the Victorian period, the obelisk form was greatly favoured as a symbol of eternity and Oystermouth has many fine examples.
Here are just a few of them...



  1. Slightly (just slightly) off topic, but you might like my post - here - on 'Creatures of a Dead Community' by Lynn Hopkins ... a poem collection about the wildlife in Oystermouth Cemetery.


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