Welcome to our Museum...?

A blog post got me thinking today about museum customer service and its importance...

I once visited a museum where I was both annoyed and irritated to find a gallery assistant on her mobile phone texting and making no effort to look up and acknowledge me.  Ok, I knew my way around the place and didn't need any help at that time.  But the point is...the assistant didn't know that!  I could have been a new visitor who hadn't got a clue what the system was or where to go.  It made me feel ignored (which I was) and in the way.  Constant chattering and gossiping with colleagues has the same affect on me...sure, everyone is entitled to talk to others and it would be a pretty boring job if you couldn't communicate with colleagues especially on quiet days.  It is the chatting which totally excludes the 'customer' which I find ticks me off.  After all, visitors are to be cherished and encouraged to feel 'at home'.  They should enjoy the visit by being made to feel welcome and in doing so are then encouraged to return.  Too much to ask?

Heritage Open Days Blog have posted a great post on how to give a good welcome.  It is pretty much common sense, but perhaps sometimes we need reminding of it.  The 'bad' behaviour thank goodness is tiny compared to the majority of great customer service on offer around the country.  Most have got it spot on whilst a minority just need a little nudge in the right direction.

Let me know what you think!


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