Champollion Letters Reveal North East Help

The Journal reports on new research undertaken by Egyptologist Margaret Maitland which has uncovered strong links between the man who deciphered hieroglyphs - Champollion - and scholars in the North East of England.  Champollion unlocked the secrets of the Rosetta Stone 190 years ago amidst intense rivalry between the French and English.

Maitland, who is based at the British Museum, on placement from the Great North Museum in Newcastle, has brought to light two letters written by Champollion which are held in the archives of the Natural History Society of Northumbria.  They indicate that Champollion received important help in the form of inscriptions sent from Northern scholars.

Maitland will be giving a lecture on her research this Thursday (4th) at the Great North Museum.

How North East helped French Scholar decipher Rosetta Stone hieroglyphs


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