Online Journal Articles on Margaret Murray and Flinders Petrie

The 2013 edition of the Institute of Archaeology journal - 'Archaeology International' has some good articles on the Ancient Near East and Egypt.  All can be viewed online under Open Access.

Of particular interest are the following:

Whitehouse, R 2013. Margaret Murray (1863–1963): Pioneer Egyptologist,
Feminist and First Female Archaeology Lecturer. Archaeology
International 16:120-127, DOI:

Picton, J 2013. The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, UCL.
Archaeology International 16:31-37, DOI:

There is also a reference to Flinders Petrie in an article on the
historiography of Stonehenge for those not familiar with his early
scientific interests:
Parker Pearson, M 2013. Researching Stonehenge: Theories Past and
Present. Archaeology International 16:72-83, DOI:


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